Hi, I’m Jillian, herbalist and skin care maker.

Growing, harvesting, wild crafting, and using locally grown herbs is at the heart of what I do. For me, local plants have always sparked joy and wonder, infusing my day with a creative spirit. When I was a kid, I loved spending the summer baking mud pies on the hot sun-drenched blacktop, taking time to make them look perfect with a coating of sand and freshly mixed green leaf frosting. I honestly thought those crunchy pies with leaf topping could be used as real food.

That feeling of relying on nature to meet my needs was strong, and it has stayed with me my whole life.


Fast forward a few years, to when my daughters were very young; like so many new parents, I wanted to introduce them to the natural world as I remembered it. We would read one short story a day from a children’s book about common backyard plants. One afternoon, I turned to the page that described White Pine trees, and read that we could make a tea from pine needles anytime our noses were stuffed up. I was immediately transported back to my days as a mud pie chef. Was this for real? We could use plants in our backyard as medicine?

That one moment when I learned about the value of the pine trees in our backyard changed everything, and it started me on my herbal journey.

I learned about how herbs work, and fell in love with harvesting and using the natural bounty in my own backyard. I experimented with herb blends in balms and salves. With these new creations, I watched diaper rash and eczema patches on my kids disappear. No surprise, it wasn’t long before I was sharing my handcrafted products with friends and family.

The work I was doing with herbs was too important to not share with others. I launched Jillian’s Apothecary in 2015 to help as many people as possible solve their particular skin issues by using herbs too.

Today, I’m happy to say the feedback I’ve received from my customers has been outstanding. The plants that I grow and tend all spring and summer are transformed into balms, lotions and other products that have a real impact on the lives of others. These locally grown, hand-picked plants ease suffering and make each day even better.

My products are available for sale on my website, Etsy shop, and at select retail locations. I am always coming up with new formulas, so be sure to check back to see what’s brewing. Even better, subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll tell you when something new is happening!